Free Sales Forecasting Calculator

For Independent Insurance Agencies

Are You Guessing at Your Agency Income?

OAA’s Free Income Calculator Makes it Easy to Get the Answers You Need

We want you to succeed as an independent insurance agent. This is why OAA provides so many services, benefits, and opportunities to every independent insurance agency in our network. And we realize that one of the biggest issues new agency owners face is how to figure out what they have to do to build the income they need.

But just how do you do that?

Guessing doesn’t keep the doors open.

We’ve eliminated the guesswork with our downloadable income calculator, which will show the benefit of OAA membership over trying to go it alone. You’ll fill in some basic information and make a few assumptions, and the spreadsheet does the rest. It includes tools to:

  • Show how much premium you will write
  • Project monthly gross commission
  • Project your personal income
  • Plan for account servicing and future hires
  • Tell you how many people you’ll need to quote to meet your sales goals, and the number of prospects you’ll have to develop to meet that goal
  • Draw analysis for new hires

Download this helpful calculator today – and then explore all the other great benefits of the OAA network.

Once you join, you’ll receive coaching by our experienced industry coaches who will get to know you, your agency and your goals and work with you to create a development plan that will help you reach your targets.