Check Your Mindset: Is Starting Your Own Business Right for You?

Through many years of experience, we’ve learned that successful insurance agency entrepreneurs have a lot in common. Including their attitude, or mindset.

To help you find out if you have the right stuff, we’ve developed a Mindset Scorecard tool, designed to help know your own current attitude toward entrepreneurship. It’s easy, fun, will make you think, and offer valuable insight. Just fill out the form and we’ll send you a download link.

It’s easy to use:

  1. mindsetRead each statement for each mindset in the left column, and pick the one you think is closest to yours.
  2. Use the number at the top of each column that best expresses the intensity of your identification with that statement, with one-three being least and 10-12 being most intense. Write that number in the column on the far right next to each line.
  3. Continue on with each question, writing the numbers on the right, and then total at the bottom.

There are no right answers or minimum score that means you’ll be successful, but a higher score for each mindset is, of course, better. 

Take a look at how you scored each mindset. Looking at the low scores, and ask yourself what would increase your score. This is a great way to focus on improvement. 

A valuable tip: Many find they get great insight by using the scorecard before reading “The UnCaptive Agent” and then again after finishing the book. Scores generally go up after reading the book. Try it–you might be more ready than you thought to take the jump into becoming a successful independent insurance agency owner! Then, let’s get started!