Have you seen the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” yet?  If not, I highly recommend it!

I was watching a couple of weeks ago when P. L. Travers’ Aunt Ellie (the inspiration for Mary Poppins) said something quite remarkable. She said, “Started is 50% done!”

You may remember a post a while back where I talked about Dan Sullivan’s 80% Principle. The principle and Aunt Ellie’s comment have a lot in common. Both Dan and Aunt Ellie’s advice drives at the fact that the hardest part of many (most?) jobs is simply getting started!

Think about that for a moment. How many things could we accomplish in our days if we simply started? Or, how many things do we never get done because we simply can’t summon the energy to begin?

In the movie, Aunt Ellie arrives at Travers’ girlhood home, which is a physical and emotional wreck. Travers’ father is dying of alcoholism. The mother has recently tried to commit suicide. There is no money. Nothing to eat. The house is full of trash, dirty clothes and dishes piled high in the sink. Aunt Ellie hands the little girl a broom on the porch of this impossible mess, this hopeless situation and says, “Started is 50% done!”

No matter how long our to-do list is. No matter how challenged our business is. No matter how far away our dreams seem, starting to do something about them is not just the only answer, it’s the biggest step we can take.

What do you need to get started on today?