Power Plant Weatherization Texas Bills

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Power Plant Weatherization Bills are pushed through the Texas State House and Senate for approval by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. These bills were approved by the House and Senate, following the historic Winter Storm earlier this February.

The legislation on the Governor's desk is set to overhaul the state's power grid system. When the grid dropped during the winter storms, 4.8 million homes and businesses were left without power, resulting in more than 100 casualties. 

If approved, the bills will require updates to power plants to make them more suitable for "extreme weather". As written, the bill only requires these updates for the gas-based facilities deemed "critical" by regulators. The bills have no mention of requirements to weatherize consumer properties.

Senate Bill 2 and Senate Bill 3 will still need to be approved by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. Meanwhile, ERCOT faces another potential power grid issue with the increasingly hot weather hitting the state.

All Information from the Insurance Journal