Allstate's Independent Interest

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Allstate says they plan to buy more independent insurance agencies this year to build on the business acquired with the purchase of National General.

Earlier this year Allstate sold their life and annuity businesses, making room to buy National General Holdings Corp.  Now, Allstate's Chief Executive, Tom Wilson, says they plan to start shopping for independent insurance agencies to build the new area of business.

Wilson expects the agents to talk to customers in-depth, not punch data to get quotes. 

"There's no future in that - no need for a human modem anymore," says Wilson. 

The strategy stands out after a year of digital advancement in the insurance industry. Following a year where the world worked from home, many agencies are relying heavily on website and mobile apps to interact with customers.

Allstate's purchase of National General greatly expands their network of agents, all selling from a variety of companies.

All Information from the Insurance Journal